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Tours catalouge / Vladimir Principality

“Vladimir Principality”

Russia, Golden Ring

Vladimir - Bogolyubov - Suzdal – Kideksha. Complex tour for individual travelers.
duration - 2 days / 1 night


08.00  Meeting near the appointed underground station.
8.15 Transfer to Suzdal.
13.00 Lunch in Suzdal.
14.00 Overview tour around Suzdal, enter the Kremlin,  Saviour Evfimiev Monastery, Pokrovsky Monastery, the Museum of Wooden Architecture.
Tour  to the village Kideksha. Visit to the Church of Boris and Gleb (interior) that was built by Yury Dolgoruky in 1152.
19.00 Check in to the hotel "Tourist Center", Suzdal (or  hotel "Golden Ring", Vladimir).

20.00  Dinner at the hotel’s restaurant


08.00 Breakfast in hotel. Check out.
9.30  Transfer to Bogolubovo. Overview tour to the Monastery of the Bogolyubov: Prince Andrew's House, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin (interior), the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl (exterior) - due to weather conditions.
12.00 Transfer to Vladimir. Overview excursion around architecture objects of 12 century:  Architecture of the Golden Gate, Demetrius Cathedral, Assumption Cathedral, the Museum "Crystal, lacquer miniatures and embroidery" or "Old Vladimir"exhibition.
14.00 Lunch.
15.00 Transfer to Moscow.

Around 20.00 arriving in Moscow


Children – over 5 years old.

Total price includes: accommodation, meals, transportation and guide service according to the program.

Documents:  tour voucher, passport, for children - birth certificate.

P.S.:  Company reserves the right to change the program without changing the volume of services provided. If you miss or fail to appear tourist company reserves the right to change the consistence of the program without changing the volume of services provided. The duration of its individual elements may change before departure and during the tour. Elements of the program, depending on climatic conditions and actions beyond the control of the organizer of services and organizations (road, the local administration, etc.) may be excluded from the program, based on the actual situation on the route.
If you miss or fail to appear at appointed time, the company is not responsible for the implementation of the full excursion program. The cost of that excursion day is not refundable.

Check-in time: according to the tour.