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Russia, Kazan

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Today Kazan is the large scientific, economic and cultural centre. Kazan celebrated its thousand-year anniversary in 2005. Being the city of unique historical monuments, Kazan is included into the UNESCO World Heritage Cities list. In 2004 Kazan was named the best city of Russia and became the winner of Russian public award «Russian National Olympus». Kazan is a city with the richest historical and cultural heritage. Nations with complicated history and cultural traditions live here for centuries. The Heritage of the Golden Horde and traditions of bulgars still live in the memory of people, but the Russian culture also has influence of European tendencies. A thousand-year mutual enrichment formed the modern Europe-Asian image of Kazan. The culture of Europe and Asia has closely intertwined in national creativity and art, architecture and building, in a daily life of citizens.