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Ukraine, Kiev

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is one of the biggest cities in Europe. For more than 1500 years Kiev is standing on steep hills overlooking the Dnepr River. Since Kiev has developed into a value center of East Europe, it attracts foregone business and investors to its economic and natural potential. In Kiev more than 2000 objects belong to historical cultural and architectural monuments. Ukraine offers many museums and art galleries to visit. It has a strong artistic and cultural heritage which supports many galleries through the country. Museums are numerous and its equally impressive.


Pechersk Lavra
Historical and Cultural Reserve. The monasteries were established in the middle of the XI century, A.D. It is one of the most ancient places of Eastern Slavonic states.

Park of Fame
At the entrance to the park you will see stele, to which goes road with Great Patriotic War heroes names on both sides of it. Obelisk is about 27 meters high (around 88 feet). At the foot of the obelisk there is an eternal flame as a memory of all soldiers died in that war.

Mariinskiy Palace
It is the green beauty of Kiev. The Palace was built as a residence of the empress Elisabeth in 1750-1755, in baroque style according to the project of V.  Rastrelli.  At the moment palace is the residence of the President for meeting high-ranking guests. There is a building of Council of Ukraine and Independence square next to it. There is a balcony near the Independence square where you can enjoy beautiful panoramic view of Dnepr with its islands and left bank.

The exterior is turquoise, decorated with columns and moldings. Huge columns with domes, one on each of the four corners, are placed around the church, rendering a non-traditional appearance. Inside the church you will be impressed by the beautiful carvings and paintings made by outstanding experts of that time.

Pirogovo – Folklore village
Culture preserve museum Pirogovo covers huge territory divided on separate zones, correlating to specific historical-ethnographical areas of Ukraine. In this open-air museum you can find houses, wooden churches, wind mills and other buildings starting from XVII century. There is bench near every building so you can sit and enjoy a marvelous view.